Exploring Hypervigilance

For those who have experienced trauma. You may have notice that your sensory memory have a way of expressing behaviors without your permission.

It may feel like your body is in control. Always on high alert! Waiting for someone to attack you, real or imagined, it makes you feel powerless. Exhaustion overwhelms you. As you try to maintain your emotional control.

Nevertheless, its almost impossible to remain in an alert posture indefinitely. Yet, many trauma survivors find themselves living on the edge. There are times when LiFE will bring you to your knees as you live with unanswered questions of Why me? However, no one can really answer that question.

When bad things happen to good people it just happen. Some things you and I have no control over. However, you can learn to tell your story, share your struggles and develop the skills to overcome fears, shame and guilt.

It maybe helpful to join a support group that can teach strategies to explore responses to trauma and help you to express feelings in a safe environment that is supportive, positive and creative.

My pray is that you find rest for your soul and body.

Dr Deborah Jones-Allen

Author: Deborah Jones-Allen

My passion and personal mission is to help those who lives have been affected through the inter-generational transmission of traumas contributing to adverse childhood experiences or ACEs. My goal is to help others experiencing emotional challenges increase their ability to manage adversity, build resilience, regulate and repair their lives, so they can heal. My communication style is non-judgmental, as I share the power of forgiveness through the lens of God’s unconditional love and biblical accounts can help you to understand and share in other people struggles. God's unconditional love is able to heal a broken heart. In 2009, I began my inner healing journey, putting words to her feelings. Sharing intimate emotional struggles of overcoming the adversities of childhood sexual abuse, rejection and challenges as a teenage parent. I am the author of “Mirrored Reflection” an emotional experience to unleash pain, hope and determination. As a native of Miami FL, I live with my husband, Ronald of 21 years. I acknowledged, that it was God, who strengthen our marital relationship spiritually and emotionally, as we cared for our grandson who, also was affected by inter-generational adverse childhood experiences, leaving an impact of emotional neglect and the sting of family dysfunction resulting from young deaf parents. At an early age, he mastered the ability to keep a code of silence at school and from social services sectors to protect the secrecy of domestic violence and physical abuse within his family. My background has aided me to identify and manage challenging behaviors finding solutions when employees are experiencing workplace stress, helping others increase their emotional IQ, as I look for any changes in worker’s behavioral health.

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